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General Guide to Current Planning Regulations


Many types of buildings and structures can be erected in your garden or land around your property or home without the need to apply for planning permission. These include sheds, garages, greenhouses, accommodation for pets and domestic animals, summerhouses, sauna cabins, and other types of  outdoor enclosures.


You MUST apply for planning permission if any of the following apply:


1. The Proposed building or structure would be closer to a highway than any part of the existing dwelling house, unless the new building is at least 20 metres from a highway. The term  highway includes public roads, footpaths, bridleways and byways and is less than 5 metres from dwelling.


2. More than half the area of land around the existing dwelling would be covered by additions or other buildings.


3. The proposed building or structure would be used not for domestic purposes but instead, for example for parking a commercial vehicle, running a business or storing goods in connection with a business.


4. The proposed building or structure would be more than 4 metres high if it has a ridged roof (a required measurement from the highest ground adjoining the site).


This is an general guideline and may not apply if the proposed building is in an Area of Outstanding Beauty or if the existing property is listed. Further advice  can be sought through the local planning authorities.


General Guide  For Building Regulations for Oak Timber Framed Buildings


This  Building is generally exempt from Building Regulations by virtue of Regulation 9 Schedule 2 Class IV, provided it does not exceed 30 square metres in the floor area and is situated more than 1 metre from the boundary of its curettage.


Our two-bay Oak Framed Buildings have a usable floor area of approximately 29.72 square metres (the exact dimensions depend on the choice of bricks) and overall height of 3.95 metres.



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